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Elevating SAP Cloud Value with SAP BTP Technologies

SAP’s Business Technology Platform is SAP’s answer to our clients growing need to transform business operations with intelligent technologies. SAP BTP provides tools to be able to attain the future state of an intelligent enterprise. Our clients create seamlessly connected enterprises, streamline business processes using iRPA and Generative AI, and build custom applications in a low-code way.


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Challenging the status quo is what SAP BTP is all about. While digital transformation is a complex undertaking, SAP provides all of the tools needed to get it done faster and more effectively. While SAP S/4HANA provides the ability to provide modular ERP capabilities quickly, SAP BTP provides the functionality to integrate different Best of Breed solutions effectively with the ERP, extend standard capabilities with custom apps in a low-code way, and innovate into your enterprise with technologies like iRPA and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Automate and streamline business processes using Generative AI and iRPA capabilities.

  • Build custom apps with low-code capabilities and enable your users to evolve their SAP applications independently.

  • Integrate disconnected Best of Breed software solutions in a Plug and Play fashion using Whitelisted APIs and pre-built connectors.

  • Flexible licensing via BTP credits that allow you to shift your attention to other BTP capabilities if they are needed without creating shelf ware.

What is SAP BTP and how is it used?

Find out what SAP BTP comprises and why it is the foundation of digital transformation with SAP cloud solutions.

SAP Integration Suite

Connect Your Company

Connect Your Company

SAP Integration Suite offers Plug and Play connectors for state of the art EDI and a catalogue of Whitelisted API connections for a seamlessly integrated enterprise.

SAP Data Management and Analytics

Analyze Data Intelligently

Analyze Data Intelligently

SAP Datasphere for data warehousing and SAP Analytics Cloud for realtime data analytics and advanced planning provide the foundation for predictive insights.

SAP Build Workzone

Extend SAP Low Code

Extend SAP Low Code

Tailor the SAP solution based on your needs using low-code tools like SAP Workzone to create custom apps to increase usability for the end user and make SAP more meaningful for everyone.

SAP Intelligent Robotics Process Automation

Automate SAP with Intelligent Robotics

Automate SAP with Intelligent Robotics

SAP solutions can reach a high degree of automation using SAP’s out of the box iRPA capabilities as well as intelligent workflows to convert manual tasks into automatic processes.

SAP Generative AI Solutions

Support the end user with smart AI solutions

Support the end user with smart AI solutions

Generative AI makes using SAP solutions easier and more meaningful by transforming the way data is processed and analyzed.

Reputable independent voices in the industry trust SAP. We recommend the latest Gartner and IDC reports for further info.


Intelligent technologies adopted by smart talent

Synthex is the partner to tackle digital transformation the right way bringing together talented experts with intelligent technologies that make a difference for your digital transformation initiatives.

Up to 278% ROI

Success with Clients

ROI Success with Clients

SAP BTP produces massive ROI for our clients. Every new project is tackled with a mindset of being able to change the bottom line of a client’s business.

650,000 integrations Deployed

We connect company processes

Connecting Company Processes

 The future of corporate software is SaaS-based and modular. We enable our clients to connect Best of Breed SAP and non-SAP solutions in a Plug and Play fashion.

6+ Billion USD R&D Investment

Investing in what makes a difference

Investing in the Future of Technology

SAP’s commitment to the future of technology is massive with an annual R&D spend of 6+ billion USD in SAP Labs across the planet. The brightest and best work on identifying technologies of the future to serve our clients with the innovation they need to excel.

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