SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

Establish a Modern Cloud ERP for Scale and Growth

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition is the starting point and the foundation for any successful ERP digital transformation. As a comprehensive modular and scalable Public Cloud ERP solution it encompasses both, the power of SAP’s S/4HANA and the agility and flexibility of a SaaS Public Cloud solution.

  • Getting SAP S/4HANA Cloud up and running in months instead of years.

  • Adopting a wealth of proven SAP Best Practice capabilities that allow you to streamline your business operations.

  • Scaling your business operations using a wide catalogue of modular ERP capabilities as well as easy connectors.

  • Eliminating data siloes, dead end upgrade options, lack of integration and intelligent technologies.

Syntara S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition Services

Digital Transformation Advisory

Let's Do Digital Transformation Right

Digital Transformation Advisory

Syntara Consulting is a strong partner by your side advising you on the right ERP scope to get started and modular capabilities to scale your Cloud ERP.

Implementation Services

Let's Implement Your ERP

Implementation Services

Syntara Consulting is expert in implementing S/4HANA capabilities within a few months and meet you where you are as a company, so that you can get started with the Cloud ERP modules that are right for you.

Data Integration Services

Let's Integrate Your ERP

Data Integration Services

Syntara Consulting helps companies in creating Live data connections from SAP to SAP and simplifies non-SAP connections to make data flow seamlessly from A to B. With the power of SAP Integration Suite and SAP Business Technology Platform, Syntara is able to work magic for our clients.

Data Analytics Services

Let's Make Your Data Count

Data Analytics Services

Syntara Consulting is a full-stack partner to create an ecosystem of SAP analytics that starts with transactional data in S/4HANA, and continues in SAP Analytics Cloud with the end goal of predictive and intelligent data insights, and sophisticated planning and budgeting.

Intelligent Process Advisory

Let's Make Processes Smarter

Intelligent Process Advisory

Syntara Consulting is an expert in leading companies towards automated and simplified business processes that can be enhanced with workflows, iRPA automation, and Generative AI process and analytics simplifications on SAP BTP.

Generative AI Process Advisory

Let's Make Your Processes Simpler

Generative AI Process Advisory

Syntara advisors are experts in process simplification and Generative AI is a great way to adopt easier ways of processing and analysing data with S/4HANA-native tools like SAP Joule.

Reputable independent voices in the industry trust SAP. We recommend the latest Gartner and IDC reports for further info.

Syntara Consultants are Certified

Training, expertise and knowledge are important for us. SAP ensures delivery quality by making sure Syntara consultants on SAP projects are certified and stay up to date after new releases.

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Syntara SAP Long-term Services

Professional Services and Solutions to Transform Your Company

Full Digital Transformation Lifecycle Services

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition

Transform your ERP capabilities with SAP’s flagship ERP.

Digital Transformation Advisory

We help clients define and navigate their ERP cloud journey to enable innovation and growth

Managed Services

End-to-end SAP support services and application management provided by a team of experts