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Increasing the End User Experience with SAP Build Work Zone Apps

The future of the intelligent enterprise is based on connected supply chains, integrated business processes, and modular Best of Breed system architectures that provide companies with flexibility and capability.

End users are expected to increase productivity while juggling the complexity of using different SAP and non-SAP applications on a daily basis. SAP’s response to this challenge is SAP Build Work Zone.

Simplify End User Experience with SAP Work Zone Business Sites

  • Create easy access points using business sites for end users across the supply chain to transact and interact with your SAP system architecture.

  • Unify and simplify employee end user experience using employee portals built in low code on SAP Build Work Zone.

  • Create customer portals that have what your customers need to grow closer to your customer base and increase customer experience and retention.

  • Extend SAP’s applications low code within days instead of months and create engaging sites that users love to use and consume.

Simplify End User Experience

Employee Portals

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Employee Portals

Employees are the lifeblood of your company. Increase employee satisfaction by simplifying administrative duties and daily tasks across SAP and non-SAP tools.

Customer Portals

Increase Customer Experience

Customer Portals

Customer portals can be simple and easy and yet provide customers what they are looking for – easy creation of orders and access to key documents like invoices and tracking information.

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Supplier Portals

Streamline Supplier Interaction

Supplier Portals

Suppliers are key in today’s ever-changing disrupted supply chains. Keep your suppliers close by providing them with easy access to information they need to process your orders and consume meaningful data.

Customize Employee Experience Low Code

Business Sites make navigating SAP easy for end users. Administrators can determine the look and feel of the business site and provide different user groups with the capabilities, analytics, and experience they need for maximum outcome. The administrator can do all of this quickly using low code approaches.


Interacting with key stakeholders is at the heart of every intelligent enterprise

Bringing people together enables digital transformation success. The future intelligent enterprise is connected and Business Sites provided by SAP Build Work Zone are a key component of interconnected supply chains and business processes across companies and continents.

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