SAP For Finance and Accounting

Starting Your Digital Transformation with Finance

CFO’s roles are becoming increasingly more important in organizations and shift from being in charge of financial operations to leading decisions around important strategic questions and especially driving digital transformation.

Most organizations our advisors worked with start their digital transformation in the area of finance, gain digital capabilities and efficiency, while expanding into other Best of Breed capability in a gradual way.

Transforming Finance with Intelligent SAP Technologies

  • Gain insights in key metrics based on real-time data with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Simplify business processes using Generative AI and Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) capabilities in S/4HANA and on SAP BTP.

  • Attain a state of higher efficiency unlocking automation opportunities using SAP technologies such as SAP Cash Application in finance.

  • Making Working Capital more efficient streamlining finance operations across the board.

CFOs are looking to streamline their companies to stabilize margins in 2024

Finding ways to stabilize margins and EBITDA is key for CFOs in 2024. SAP technologies help attain a higher state of automation and simplification using capabilities in SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and SAP Business Technology Platform.

Syntara Services to Elevate SAP Finance

With a strong partner by your side who speaks the language of the CFO, digital transformation in finance can happen and produce fruitful results. Syntara advisors are strong supporters, making sure each process module is established for a purpose.

Gradual SAP Finance Transformation

Start where you are today

Gradual SAP Finance Transformation

Most companies implementing finance benefit from a finance-led project with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and scale up modules and capabilities as the company grows and matures. Syntara assists in this process and helps to make the right steps at the right time.

Automate and Simplify SAP Finance

Optimize your SAP Footprint

Automate and Simplify SAP Finance

CFOs in 2024 are looking for improvement of systems already in place. Once S/4HANA Cloud is established, we aim to perfect each process with Generative AI, iRPA and advanced finance modules in Controlling and Treasury. Picking the right measures is what Syntara helps with.

Increase Analytical Footprint

From Transacting to Analyzing

Increase Analytical Footprint

Once you have a Business Data Fabric in place with SAP Datasphere and data flows via Live connection from S/4HANA to SAP Analytics Cloud is where Self-Service analytics, predictive insights and other magic can happen. Syntara is expert in making your data shine in this process.

A Snapshot into the Future of the CFO

The CFO of the Future will be a data-driven individual pursuing strategic initiatives based on real-time information and predictive insights. Instead of preparing data, the CFO will consume data on the fly during board meetings and provide a foundation for instant decision making.

CFOs lead digital transformation initiatives

CFOs are most effective if they possess the ability to combine strategic vision and change management skills. CFOs anticipate trends, uncover value in digital initiatives, and drive change across the organization.

Full Lifecycle Advisory Services

Services we offer to support your digital transformation initiatives

Digital Transformation Advisory for SAP

We help you pick the right SAP cloud solutions to accomplish your vision and goals.

SAP Managed Services

We make sure you have access to experts continuously and keep digital transformation going.

SAP Business Technology Platform

Tap into the power of real-time data integration, analytics, and intelligent process automation with SAP BTP.