SAP Work Zone Customer Portal​

Streamline Customer Order Management with a Simple E-commerce Portal by Syntara

Our SAP-native E-commerce portal designed on SAP Build Work Zone is built to serve midmarket organizations that use SAP as their ERP system. It is easy to set up, customize, and maintain and connects your SAP ERP with an simple online store providing access to process simplification potential and customer satisfaction.

Robust and User Friendly Solution for Online Order Processing

  • Eliminate manual and time-consuming order processing, a lack of visibility into product catalogs and inventory, and order management errors.

  • Showcase your products with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, accurate inventory, and pricing in a Self-Service online portal accessible for your customers.

  • Sync your inventory and pricing data on the portal with data from your ERP system, ensuring accuracy and consistency and a great customer experience overall.
  • Enable your customers to search, view, and track their orders and deliveries from a single unified SAP dashboard.

Product Catalog

Self-Service Catalog Capability

Product Catalog

Showcase your ERP material master data with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, inventory, and pricing in an easy-to-consume shopping catalogue.

Shopping Card

Integrated Shopping Card Sales Orders

Shopping Card

Enable customers to view and select products from the integrated product catalog and place a sales order online via Self-Service functions.

Order Tracking

Self-Service Order Tracking Function

Order Tracking

Allow your customers to view and track order data and shipping information directly in the customer portal.

Meet Our Customer Portal Designers

Syntara Consulting is expert in SAP Build Workzone. Our developers designed the Syntara Customer Portal based on client requirements. We are happy to work with you on adopting our Best Practices and customize the portal to your needs. 

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