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Rethinking the Role of the CFO in Oil & Gas

CFOs in Oil & Gas are becoming increasingly more important in organizations and shift from being in charge of financial operations to leading decisions around important strategic questions and challenges in all aspects.

Seven key issues are at the top of CFO’s minds: Volatility and how it impacts CAPEX and the cost base, challenges in accurate forecasting, reporting limitations, asset impairment and stranded assets, capability and talent, funding, cyber security and penetration testing.

Oil & Gas CFOs are key in selecting future digital capabilities and work hand-in-hand with Syntara advisors to solve these problems.

Winning with SAP Solutions in Oil & Gas

  • Anticipate volatility based on real-time data and predictive insights with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • Increase employee retention with Best of Breed software like SAP Success Factors and SAP Business Technology Platform.

  • Proactively manage assets with SAP Predictive Maintenance and SAP Intelligent Asset applications.

  • Enable continuous innovation cycles via regular updates with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition and unlock intelligent technologies such as Generative AI and iRPA


Oil & Gas companies benefit from real-time data and predictive insights

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition in combination with SAP Business Technology Platform enable companies in Oil & Gas to keep track of continuously changing prices and anticipate volatility within markets based on AI and predictive insights.

SAP as a Force Multiplier for CFO-driven Digital Transformation in Oil & Gas

SAP capabilities are strong force multipliers that help companies in in Oil & Gas attain a high state of digital transformation. Technologies like Generative AI, intelligent Robotic Process Automation coupled with strong real-time and predictive Analytics and Planning capabilities make a difference for the CFO of the Future.

Consume Modular Capabilities

Capabilities as a Service

Consume Modular Capabilities

In tomorrow’s economy, Oil & Gas companies only consume modular SAP capabilities they need to gain greater insights and drive business process efficiency. Focus on what you do best and grow with SAP Best of Breed offerings.

Keep Talent on Board

High Employee Retention

Keep Talent on Board

Employees are the lifeblood of Oil & Gas companies. Providing easy onboarding and a simple digital infrastructure are needs of the employee of the future and provide companies with high retention rates.

Gain Predictive Insights

Battling Volatility Challenges

Gain Predictive Insights

Volatile markets and a lack of realtime analytics or predictive insights is a recipe for failure in Oil & Gas. SAP Analytics Cloud in combination with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition provide a foundation to change that.


CFOs lead digital transformation initiatives

CFOs in Oil & Gas are most effective if they possess the ability to combine strategic vision and change management skills. CFOs anticipate trends, uncover value in digital initiatives, and drive change across the organization.

Digital Transformation in SAP Oil & Gas Upstream

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